Home Networks

What is a home network?

A home network is simply a method of allowing computers and other compatible household appliances such as printers, print servers, scanners, smart home devices, TVs and game systems, to communicate with one another. If you have two or more computers in your home, a network can let them share files and documents.


How do home networks work?

The two most popular home network types are wireless and Ethernet networks. In both of these types, the router does most of the work by directing the traffic between the connected devices. By connecting a router you can also allow multiple computers to share one connection to the Internet.

Ethernet and wireless networks each have advantages and disadvantages; depending on your needs, one may serve you better than the other. Wired networks provide users with plenty of security and the ability to move lots of data very quickly. Wired networks are typically faster than wireless networks, and they can be very affordable.


Where is a Home Network used?

Home networks systems can be used to bring Wireless and Ethernet services to any room of your home, outside buildings, garages, or loft bedrooms and offices.

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